Financial Policy

We are excited to meet the urgent care needs of your child.

We will make every effort to provide a comfortable, convenient visit
meeting a high medical standard.

We want to have open and respectful flow of communication about all
aspects of care including the financial policies of our organization.

You will receive your bill by email.


Please keep in mind that insurance is a contract between you and your
insurance company.

Depending on the specifics of your insurance company agreement, some of
our fees may be your responsibility.

Please understand – it is your responsibility to keep us updated with
your correct insurance information. We will confirm eligibility before your
visit. If the designated insurance company in our system is incorrect, you will
be responsible for payment in full.

According to your insurance plan, you are responsible for any and all
co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance amounts.

Co-pays are due at the time of service.

Convenience fees are due at the time of service. (Not covered by HSA or

Patient balances are billed immediately upon receipt of your insurance plan’s explanation of benefits. Your portion will be due within 30 days of receipt of your bill.  Insurance companies can take up to 90 days to complete the explanation of benefits portion of your bill.  Many employee sponsored insurance plans have transitioned to Health Savings Account as a way of passing the financial burden of medical care onto the individual.  Healthy Sprouts encourages you to familiarize yourself with your insurance policy. Sometimes self-pay is a cheaper option, but then it does not count toward your deductible. Honestly though – it takes a serious medical illness or hospitalization to meet a $6,500 or $12,000 deductible.

If you participate in a high-deductible health plan, we require a copy
of your health saving account debit or credit card and a personal credit card
to remain on file.  This information with
be kept private and secure as required by industry standards (Payment Card
Industry Data Security Standard-PCI-DSS).

If payment is not received for your portion of the bill within 30 days of the date a billing email was sent then your HSA credit or debit card will be billed. Some may say whew! “That made my life easier.” If you are concerned that you do not have funds in your HSA to cover our service or need a payment plan or use of an alternative credit card, please text the virtual scheduler and we will call you and work out a plan.


Self-payments are due in full at
the time of the service

Pricing is available on our website for the in home lab tests that we

If labs need to be sent to a laboratory such as Lab Corps, Quest, Diatherix, or Ballad Hospital Laboratory, then you will also be responsible for these separately billed items.

If Healthy Sprouts does not contract with your insurance provider, but you wish to use our service, you must self-pay. Our rates are very reasonable.


This is a self-pay fee regardless of whether your medical visit is self-pay or your insurance is billed. It will be charged to your credit card at the time of service. Your HSA card can’t be used for this fee.

 Please note, if we arrive and your child is more ill than the historical information you provided or the illness has worsened upon our arrival and your child must be sent to the Emergency room, a convenience fee is still charged.

We accept credit cards (Visa/ MasterCard, American Express) and checks.
We do not accept cash.